Ok – it’s hot enough now – you can stop

Ok – it’s hot enough now – you can stop

No, seriously, cut it out.  We’re Oregonians.  We don’t know what to do with heat like this…

Yeah -that’s actually correct with official temps for today.  The predicted high was only 103.  I actually went out and bought an air conditioner today.

First I got an amazing deal on a used 10,000 BTU version that just kicked major *ss.  Until it started popping the breaker in my apt.  Stupid 1900’s knob and tube sub-standard wiring.  So to avoid burning the place down, I went out and got a very high-power saving (read crappy cooling) 5amp 5000 BTU version which isn’t really doing the same job by any means, but at least helps a lot.

Update: Got my 10k BTU air-con working by – using a better wall extension cable.  I had a cable rated for 15 amps, but it was a 50″ outdoor cable.  I went out and bought a 10″ cable rated for 20amps – problem solved.  the 50″ cable just added too much resistance to the equation and it be just enough to pop the breaker when it kicked in.  Switch to a shorter, higher-rated cable and everything worked great.  Slept like a baby in sub-zero temps.

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