DCS and Augmented Reality

DCS and Augmented Reality

DCS World is one of the most amazing flight simulators out there. The hyper reality and complexity of just getting your plane off the ground is well known. Modders and modelers sell hyper-realistic models for the game like the F/A-18C Hornet shown here. In the high-fidelity cockpits, literally every button/switch/knob is clickable. It’s not just for show either – people claim they can start up the real planes by learning it first in DCS.

One user has cleverly combined some augmented reality in their setup.

If you like this, you can check out some of the amazing fun folks have in this game. Check out the Youtube channel for the Grim Reapers. They have interesting, and often hilarious, skill competitions – like their AAA/SAM evasion canyon run.

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