Molly Bloom’s Game

Molly Bloom’s Game

Molly’s Game was a really interesting, though somewhat quietly splashed movie. One might attribute it’s quiet success to the fact it was a real-life crime drama released Christmas 2017 and only saw expanded releases in early 2018. Conspiracy folks might think it was kept sedate since it involves a number of very famous Hollywood actors, Wall Street figures, and politicians (that are never officially named).

The movie does an excellent job telling the dramatic and real-life events of a high stakes poker game run for several years by Molly Bloom. The most interesting facts were that very famous and powerful Hollywood actors, professional poker players, politicians, and Wall Street execs attended the games this former olympic athlete stole away from a rather unsavory Hollywood star. Told through Molly’s eyes, it shows how she uses her smarts, insight, and decisiveness to keep the game going, the toll it took, and how it ultimately ended.

While the movie itself is excellent on its own, this follow-up interview with Molly Bloom, in my opinion, is even more interesting. Give the whole interview a read for sure – because it’s something I think everyone should read about the promises of power, money, and fame.

I particularly appreciated this set of quotes:

I was absolutely addicted to the lifestyle and to the role that I played in it – being the owner, operator and bank. 

I had come to the realisation, at some point in my career, that what I was doing wasn’t exactly good and that I was using creativity and intelligence to lure people into these gambling events in which a high percentage of them were gambling addicts. It started to weigh heavy on my heart but I didn’t know how to leave because I was really consumed by the money I was making and the power that I had. So I stayed, even until I saw that it wasn’t aligned with my moral code. Ultimately, that made me really spiritually sick.

Now I think that true power is being solid no matter what and not having to rely on some ‘thing’ to make you somebody.

My two brothers are extremely successful human beings. Jordan is a Harvard-educated, cardiothoracic surgeon and Jeremy is a two-time Olympian who played in the NFL and now is a CEO of a very successful tech company. It’s exciting to allocate my time and resources and skills to something that makes the world a better place. I think you can build empires doing good in the world once you’re willing to make the purpose outweigh the financial return.

Also, the sound track for the movie was really good. Here’s on of my favorites by Daniel Pemberton that plays at the end as she pleads guilty and finally turns the corner. Give it a listen when you feel like you need to start again…

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