Olympic Kimonos for every country

Olympic Kimonos for every country

The Kimono Project was launched in August 2014 by a Japanese organization called Imagine One World. It took six years to complete over 200 custom kimono that drew inspiration from each country’s culture, history, or architectural beauty.

The 213 kimonos and obis include countries that Japan has diplomatic relations with, including Niue and Vatican City.

The kimonos and obis are not on public display, as was initially planned, due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, it is hoped that they will be shown during Expo 2025, which is due to be held in Osaka, Japan.

A full outfit for one country cost around ¥2 million ($18,300), consisting of the kimono, obi, and smaller accessories. They have all been handmade with traditional methods, each taking between one and two years to craft.

Below is the Kimono for the United States created by Yu Naruse who describes it below:

“The image of a country consisting of 50 states called “United States” is expressed by “state flowers”. Designed with the national symbol “President” as “American Eagle”. Baseball, American football, Hollywood movies, and the goddess of freedom, which Americans love, are studded in the flowers of the state, and the great presidents Lincoln and Kennedy are represented by statues and Apollo programs.”

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