Documentaries and how far we’ve fallen

Documentaries and how far we’ve fallen

I wrote about the use of Save the Cat as a way to use form and style to communicate any message you want via film/tv.

It appears Paul E.T. has noticed many kinds of emotional and intellectual manipulation in just about all modern documentaries you’ll find in this comedy skit. He shows how just about anyone can make a documentary about anything – and how easy it is to manipulate you into believing as the host does.

If you want to see how far we’ve fallen away from objective reporting, compare your average modern news reporting to something from even 20-30 years ago below. Sure, that era had it’s own problems, but note a few things:
There were no talking heads editorializing and telling you what you should think, they use professional and educated language that isn’t charged with bias/emotional appeal, doesn’t inject race, sex, or other assumed political bias into the report, features much more footage of direct interviews with people involved and not summarizing it with their own opinions.

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