Best Chernobyl Coverage

Best Chernobyl Coverage

This is probably one of the best videos covering the work that was done by scientists after Chernobyl was first sealed up – but the details of what happened were still unknown. Nova was by far my favorite tv show when I was a kid.

Notice how different reporting was done just 30 years ago. It was just fact reporting from the people who were there – without dozens of talking head experts editorializing and telling you how to fell about it. Just compare this to 99.9% of ‘documentaries’ today that can be made by anyone and are basically thinly veiled propaganda pieces where the creators opinions aren’t even veiled.

When looking up facts and information about Chernobyl, it’s surprising how soft details are to find on the internet these days. I remember lots of much more graphic and revealing stories, videos, and facts in 90’s era web articles.

A good example is this NOVA documentary about the scientists that went in to find out what happened. Now you’re hard pressed to find information like this. Most of the time details about radiation rates and actual events are glossed over without the details that used to exist.

Another great site is Elena from Angelfire. She did some of the very first civilian infiltrations and documentations of the Chernobyl zone and still has a Youtube channel.

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