Installing Stable Diffusion 1.5

Installing Stable Diffusion 1.5

To install Stable Diffusion 1.5 (released Oct 20, 2022) locally, I found this video was really excellent – except for a few points:

  1. You MUST use python 3.10.6 (I used 3.9.7 as recommended). The latest version (as of Feb 2023) is Python 3.11.1 – which stable diffusion does NOT seem to like and won’t run.

You might also want to read through this older stable diffusion 1.4 install guide, but he uses model checkpoints which haven’t been updated since version 1.4.

Gotchas and Fixes:

  • If you have an incompatible version of Python installed when you try to run webui-user.bat for the first time, stable diffusion will set itself up to point at this bad python version directory. Even if you uninstall and install the correct python version, stable diffusion will still look at the wrong python version. You can go fiddle with the different setup files – but it’s faster just to blow away the pulled git source at the top level and re-pull it to ensure you don’t have cruft laying around.

Installer Links:

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