Expanding and enhancing Stable Diffusion with specialized models

Expanding and enhancing Stable Diffusion with specialized models

Now that you have Stable Diffusion 1.5 installed on your local system, have learned how to make cool generative prompts, it might be time to take the next step of trying different latent models.

There is more than one model out there for stable diffusion, and they can generate vastly different images:

Check out this article to learn how to install and use different popular models you can use with stable diffusion:

  • F222 – People found it useful in generating beautiful female portraits with correct body part relations. It’s quite good at generating aesthetically pleasing clothing.
  • Anything V3 – a special-purpose model trained to produce high-quality anime-style images. You can use danbooru tags (like 1girl, white hair) in text prompt.
  • Open Journey – a model fine-tuned with images generated by Mid Journey v4.
  • DreamShaper – model is fine-tuned for portrait illustration style that sits between photorealistic and computer graphics
  • Waifu-diffusion – Japanese anime style
  • Arcane Diffusion – TV show Arcane style
  • Robo Diffusion – Interesting robot style model that will turn everything your subject into robot
  • Mo-di-diffusion – Generate Pixar-like style models
  • Inkpunk Diffusion – Generate images in a unique illustration style

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