Butler’s Café in Shibuya – With Western Men

Butler’s Café in Shibuya – With Western Men

There is a new butler’s café in Shibuya – where men come to your table when you ring a bell and always answer with, “Yes my princess?”. While this idea isn’t completely new – there are maid cafes and hostess clubs for men, and host clubs for women. But the twist with this butler cafe in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan? All the men are Western.

Fascinatingly, the female owner (Yuki Hirohata) of the club walked through Shibuya and asked over 200 women what they were looking for in a cafe. She said these women all wanted waiters that were male, good looking, treat them nice, but most importantly, were Westerners.

“Being gentlemanly in Japanese culture is embarrassing for Japanese men.”, “Women are exhausted with the traditional rules of Japanese society. These guys are different than typical Japanese men – they make me feel special.”

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