Mag-lev turntable

Mag-lev turntable

The first 45 seconds is gut-bustingly laughable, over the top, self-aggrandizing hyperbole – but it is certainly a cool looking invention.

The engineer in me wonders how they guarantee the exact RPM’s on this given the variable drag of the needle or movement of air currents (likely very solvable but I wonder about the latency). It also seems to me that bumping the table would produce the commiserate disturbance in the magnetic field which wouldn’t protect against bigger bumps – just tiny ones. Guess we’ll find out when it arrives, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the JA Michell Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable seen in Clockwork Orange and 2001. I’m pretty sure this will find its way into a sci-fi movie as well at some point.


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