Sh*t’s F*cked – A Positivity Guide

Sh*t’s F*cked – A Positivity Guide

Great little Etsy e-zine I got from the library when I laughed at the title. It had some great nuggets of self-care in it. Appears to be the things you start realizing as you start to hit your 30’s 🙂

  • Physical change prompts emotional change. Get out of town.
  • Remember to leave for vacation only AFTER you have addressed important issues. Be accountable for the feelings of others – and your own.
  • Borrow a friend’s dog and go exploring together. Don’t have a friend with a dog – borrow a shelter dog.
  • Take yourself on a solo date: watch the sunset by yourself. Eat your favorite snacks. Breathe deeply. Don’t get up until the sky is dark. Don’t invite other people. Learn to love solitude and sitting with yourself.

I liked the solo date one myself. I have just the spot picked out on the Oregon coast too…

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