AR for car repair

AR for car repair

bmw mechanics using smart glasses to fix cars faster

One of the more interesting and hot uses for VR and AR has turned out to be training and repair.

BMW announced it has added RealWear HMT-1 smartglasses to the tool kit its technicians use in order to reduce the time a car spends in the shop, and make its service centers more efficient. The technology will be fully implemented at all participating dealerships by the end of June 2019.

Ubimax’s augmented reality technology lets them access service manuals on the spot. Voice recognition lets mechanics open files hands free. For example, a technician changing the water pump can access a diagram showing how to install the part using the smartglasses.

The technology also puts mechanics in contact with engineers if they need to diagnose or solve a more enigmatic problem. Using the smartglasses, a mechanic can remotely work with a member of the engineering team via a hands-free video link. The engineer sees what the mechanic see, and can send an image, a diagram, or voice instructions directly to the smartglasses.

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