Tilt-shift Van Gogh

Tilt-shift Van Gogh

I have loved Van Gogh’s paintings ever since I saw the actual “Starry Night” when it was in Chicago about 10 years ago.  His stuff blew me away because the pictures in books I’d seen didn’t do justice to the real thing at ALL.  The paint is glopped on in HUGE daubs in some places while the white canvas shows through in other spots.  He layers the daubs so when he brushes through them, the underlying colors come out too. It’s 3D, it was so creative, so amazing.

Anyway, long has there existed the novel effect of tilt-shift photography.  Normally this is the exclusive realm of those with an appropriate $1800 lens (depending on the aperture).  But now, you can use a simple Photoshop technique to generate the same effect yourself on any photo you’ve taken.

So, someone used this Photoshop technique on Van Gogh paintings, and HERE were the incredible results

Perhaps I should try it on some Monet or Klimt….

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