Parties for Influencers

Parties for Influencers

Social elites and influencers have long been known for extravagant, secretive, and unusual types of gatherings. The movie Eyes Wide Shut and The Game gave us a little glimpse into these worlds, but actually getting into these kinds of events is secretive and selective. Most people don’t even know about them, even well after they happen. Getting into them requires the right connections, social and artistic cache, as well as a bit of luck. Even chosen guests often know little about the details of the location, theme, artists, or the food until the very last minute.

Madame Lupin is a private Parisian experiential design group that extends invitation to those who take the time, effort, and patience to discover the secrets of Paris. They organizing events at secretive and abandoned locations – like sand caves under the Paris streets, an abandoned art museum, or old military complexes. They then invite new painters, sculptors, performers, and musicians to entertain – along with food and beverages.

We Are the Oracle is an even more extravagant organization that hosts elaborate clandestine dinners and parties, including the Paris catacombs, empty railways, and abandoned chateaus. What began as a word-of-mouth soirée among the Paris’ elite influencers has evolved into seasonal theme parties along the lines of “Eyes Wide Shut”, all-night raves, and immersive theatrics of shows like “Sleep No More.”

As the reputation of their parties grew, so did the pressure to raise the level of extravagance. “Venise Sous Paris,” for example, took a year to plan and cost more than a million euros to produce. Check out some of their work like the party in the catacombs of Paris.

The above pictures are another event thrown by We Are the Oracle. They hosted a candlelit costume ball inside the abandoned Rothschild Chateau in the East of Paris.

If you don’t find yourself on these selective guest lists, you can check for other events on AirBnB or similar platforms – like spending Halloween night in the Paris catacombs – complete with dinner, spooky storyteller, and a bed to literally sleep with the dead.

Or, check out the “Don’t be a Tourist in…” series by Messy Nessy. She has books on New York and Paris (as well as a playlist to set the mood).

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