The musicians behind our best hits

The musicians behind our best hits

Everyone should check out the 2008 documentary film called The Wrecking Crew – because it astounding this story has gone untold for so long.

Popular music of the 1960s was dominated by young bands like The Beach Boys, The Mamas & the Papas, The Monkees, Simon & Garfunkel, Dean Martin, Cher, Elvis, Tina Turner, Frank Sinatra, and many more. Turns out, these bands sometimes didn’t even play their own records. At times, the only members of the band on a song was the vocalists. The Wrecking Crew were the Los Angeles studio musicians that played for almost all of them. They played and shaped hundreds of now-classic records and are likely among the most recorded musicians in history. The movie shows just how influential these musicians were in creating the songs we now know and love.

To give you a taste, check out how many classics of rock they were the ones that performed and created.

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