Advoko Makes

Advoko Makes

Max has been slowly building a log cabin over the last few years in Karelia – a far northern territory adjacent to Finland. He has built a cabin, furniture, and even things like a water wheel to generate power, wash his clothes, and use as a lathe for making tools and other things he needs. He has good philosophical discussions on tool usage – and even crafts his own tools. Overall, it’s an excellent series of one man’s creativity and adventures in the wilderness – worth a watch for any DYI’ers to be inspired.

As others have pointed out, almost none of his techniques are really ‘new’, but that’s not the point. I have heard this also said about almost all creative endeavors: books, games, paintings, etc. It’s not the idea – it’s the artistry of the execution. Even seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you that ideas are cheap – it’s the execution that defines the success of the product. “There is nothing new – everyone has done everything at least once. What matters is how you present it.”

Besides watching his skills put to use to make amazing things, it’s most amazing to just sit and enjoy him presenting his thought processes and craftsmanship.

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  1. I watched your bottle to bottle honey production video and wished I could have purchased the set up. Brilliant idea.

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