Teaching an old Vectrex new tricks

Teaching an old Vectrex new tricks

I’ve always wanted to own an old Vectrex, but the Vecfever cartridge amps that desire up to 11. Not only can it let you program your own Vectrex games, but it also allows you to play actual arcade vector-based ROM chips like Star Wars, Battlezone, Tempest, Lunar Lander, and many other vector-based graphics classics.

Check out this wonderful video (and many other fascinating retro computing videos) from the guys at The Cave.

You can also replace the CPU of an old Vectrex with PiTrex – a Raspberry Pi based emulator.

There’s also a lot of replacement parts from tenpencearcade if you need some replacement Vectrex parts.

Controllers: http://tenpencearcade.co.uk/victors-t…

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