Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3

I’m a huge fan of the original game Homeworld. It was visually stunning – creating a grand visual scale that really helped you feel the vastness of space and the isolation of the fleet trying to get home. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the later entries (especially Deserts of Kharak), but Homeworld 3 looks to recapture that original stunning style.

Targeted towards June 30th, 2023 release, they sure are making as much of the pre-launch hype as they can. They hosted a very successful online funding campaign that included tons of different goodies like art books, special discord access, signed prints, models, and more. The original Art of Homewold book often sells for hundreds of dollars (over a thousand USD at one point but falling fast now they’re doing re-prints with this release).

I’m excited to see how this new game comes out. I don’t buy many games, but this might be on the list.

Until then, maybe I’ll just download the original Homeworld source code (released in 2003) and see if I can build my own copy. Or maybe just look around at some of the original digial models or maybe get a few 3D printed ones or maybe the whole fleet from the Tempest Ship Yards.

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