Biggest discoveries of the year

Biggest discoveries of the year

Quanta Magazine makes a wonderful set of videos on mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, cosmology, and science fields. They distill amazing discoveries down to quick videos that often include interviews with the very scientists involved. One series I really like is their yearly summary videos that sum up some of the biggest breakthroughs of the year.

The 2021 video has a really great interview on how we’re starting to formalize and start really understanding how neural nets used in AI algorithms work. They used a clever idea of starting with how these networks worked if the net width was infinite.

It’s a great part of my effort to move away from emptier forms of social media consumption and more intentionally spend my time/energy on creative, positive, constructive, uniting, uplifting, and educational efforts.

The 2020 video has a really good segment on the LEAN mathematical proof assistant that is building up a library of theorems and assist in proving them.

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