Payday 2 best death sentence one-down builds (July 2023)

Payday 2 best death sentence one-down builds (July 2023)

Payday 3 is coming out very soon. I played a lot of Payday 1 and Payday 2 over the years – as well as meeting the original voice actors at a PAX West party, unlocking a lot of achievements, and collecting a good bit of cash in my vault. 🙂

In the run-up to the launch, there is a Payday 3 event in which various infamous achievements earned in Payday 2 will unlock free items in Payday 3. All you have to do is link your Payday 2 Steam/Epic/etc account to Starbreeze and then launch Payday 2. Getting the specified achievements in Payday 2 will unlock the special Payday 3 item.

I had already unlocked these achievements in Payday 2, so I logged in and all of them became available to claim (you need to manually claim them from the website). But in doing so, I realized my old character build from years ago wasn’t very good anymore.

Like many modern games, the designers are constantly selling new weapons and gameplay elements as well as tweaking, nerfing, and rebalancing the weapons and gameplay. I’m not a huge fan of this trend personally, but it seems like that’s a ship that has long since sailed. It lets developers continue to cash in on the long tail of games by making some relatively easy to make skins/guns/upgrades and bundle into sellable seasons. Unfortunately, that usually means the gameplay and mastery is in a regular state of flux and goes through serious times of being broken or mechanics being completely unbalanced. You either get on the train and ride, or get left behind.

I for one found this all too annoying as a largely casual gamer these days. I didn’t have time to experiment endlessly with the different new perks and find the Achilles heals of the new powers and weapons. It felt too much like having a second job.

So, I leave that to others and just enjoy the fruits like these from KevKild who does all that grunt work and gives you the fruits of the community’s labors. Pick a build for your style and go. I can affirm his #1 build is ridiculously fun and powerful. Enjoy.

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