More live AI generated content – Star Trek

More live AI generated content – Star Trek

Twitch now has a whole channel now dedicated to AI generated content. These are channels that have completely auto-generated content. They started with simple, and very rough shows about nothing, proceeded on to Spongebob, and finally an AI Jesus.

These are programs that autogenerate EVERYTHING you see and here. They generate the dialog they say, they generate the actors voices, they generate the actors, movements, visuals, and scenes. Everything is automatically generated by AI.

One of the more interesting and new ones I’ve seen is Interactive AI Generated Star Trek. Created by just 4 people, this is one of the highest quality AI generated episodic content I’ve seen so far. It runs 24/7. There’s a more or less consistent story based on user submissions, moving (but fixed location) camera angles, autogenerated characters with movement, auto-generated voice audio, and good scene transitions between some fixed scene locations. Not only that, it’s interactive and you can help direct the action via chat commands like:

  • !topic [text]: Scenes on the bridge.
  • !awaymission [text]: Scenes on the desert planet.
  • !transmission [text]: Transmission scenes with Winglons.
  • !messhall [text]: Subs only! Scenes in the USS Archimedes Mess Hall
  • !iceplanet [text]: Subs only! Scenes on the tundra planet

Is this the future of TV shows? The end of actors?

There is also a Youtube channel from Ray Creations.

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