Free annual credit report (without being scammed)

Free annual credit report (without being scammed)

There are lots of ‘credit report’ companies out there that say they’ll get you your credit report for free.  Some even have catchy tunes on the radio.  However -they also don’t just be nice and get you your report (which you can do by yourself), but also do things like auto-sign you up for services you later need to cancel, or as part of the deal you secretly give them the permission to sell your information to others, and other scam-like-ways to milk you for money behind your back.

But there is a way to get your free credit report without getting snagged. Thanks to congress (who fought the credit reporting agencies tooth and nail to force them to do so), you are entitled to 1 free report from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies once every 12 months.  However, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion seem to daily make this process more difficult by changing their websites and phone numbers. However, law required them to create a website that you can go to get these free reports.  That website is here:

So cut to the source and go directly to the website for your report.

An additional cool thing is that by using the correct website, you can dispute and address issues right away – as opposed to third party companies that have already closed the free report and you’d have to call them and do it the more painful way.

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