Canoscan Lide 25, Photoshop CC, Windows 7, TWAIN, and you!

Canoscan Lide 25, Photoshop CC, Windows 7, TWAIN, and you!

I recently upgraded from Photoshop CS5 to Photoshop CC and it has been a great improvement overall.  However, I still have my old Canoscan LIDE 25 scanner that uses TWAIN.  If you remember, this involved a bit of tweaking when I went to get it to work with CS5  and CS6.

At any rate, here’s how you get your Canon Canoscan LiDE25 (or other TWAIN scanner) working with Photoshop CC on Windows 7:

  1. Install the CanoScan LIDE 25 driver.  You can find that on the Canon download page (or download it here locally if they ever stop updating it)
  2. Adobe does not have TWAIN support installed in Photoshop by default anymore.  Instead, you must download their Optional Plugin pack.  It’s important to note that you download the CS6 plugin pack for CS6 or CC editions.  Also note, the TWAIN support only works on the 32-bit version of Photoshop.  It will NOT work on 64-bit versions of Photoshop.
    1. Download the Optional pack
    2. Close Photoshop
    3. Install the option pack by copying it in the right plugin directory for your 32-bit version of Photoshop (see their website for the right directory)
    4. Open Photoshop (32-bit version)
  3. So, you installed the scanner driver and Photoshop is updated.  I open Photoshop and go to File->Import->Canoscan LiDE25.  Sadly, I then get this error message: “Could not open the TWAIN sourceMake sure there is a valid source for your scanner in the TWAIN Directory found in the Window Directory.”Hmmm, what is going on?  I try running the CanoScan Toolbox and when I copy/PDF and hit the ‘Copy’ or ‘Scan’ button, I get this error message:Unable to open TWAIN source. Please check connection then re-start Toolbox.However, if I use a 3rd party tool like VueScan – it is able to capture scans just fine.  So I know the scanner is physically working.
  4. I found this badly aged/broken blog entry, but it describes the solution:
    1. Go to your c:Windowstwain_32 directory
    2. You should see a sub-folder with a number/letter combination,  Mine is: C:Windowstwain_32CNQL25
    3. Add that to your system path variable
      1. Right-click on Computer -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
      2. In the bottom System variables scroll-box, find the ‘Path’ variable
      3. Click edit and go to the far right of the ‘Variable value:’ field. Enter the directory to the end of the list, separating it from previous entries by a ‘;’.  Google adding a directory to system path in Windows if you need more help.
        i.e. ;C:Windowstwain_32CNQL25
      4. Save and close the system settings
  5. Restart Photoshop 32-bit – and you should have success!

One thought on “Canoscan Lide 25, Photoshop CC, Windows 7, TWAIN, and you!

  1. Just wanted to say thanks Matt, this post really helped me. I was ready to chuck out these two old Lide25 scanners but by setting that path variable the Twain->Import feature works again for me and these trusty old scanners have new life ! Cheers =) Much appreciated. from Simon

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